Welcome to php-task’s documentation!

PHP-Task provides a simple to use task-scheduling library. It provides an array storage for simple usecases. In case your are using the symfony-bundle you can also use the doctrine-storage which persists the tasks in a simple database structure.

Basic Ideas

The basic idea behind the library is to decouple the scheduling and running the tasks. The scheduling is done by a TaskScheduler which stores Tasks and schedule its executions. This executions will be executed by the TaskRunner.

Each Execution has a lifecycle with following state-machine:


This decoupled architectures allows you schedule recurring tasks. To define this tasks you can use Cron Expression to define when and how often (e.g. each Tuesday on 12am) the task should run.

After each execution the TaskScheduler will be called to schedule a new execution for the recurring task. This allows to persist the history of executions and make statistics over results, statuses and durations.

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